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Terminology that Justifies Killing Bears Used by the Goverment

Terminology that Justifies Killing Bears Used by the Goverment

Terminology that Justifies Killing Bears

Terminology that Justifies Killing BearsIn response to the recent killing of a mother bear and her three cubs in Princeton, and all the other unnecessary bear deaths across British Columbia, Northshore Black Bear Society director Ellie Lamb has these important points to share.

Food conditioned” and “habituation” are part of the terminology that justifies killing bears used by the Goverment.
There are serious inaccuracies in their wording around bears such as “breaking in” to a building when they just walked into an open garage, “food conditioned” when they accessed available human garbage or that bears are dangerous and unpredictable because they do not run when they see a person. Bears do what bears do because it makes sense to them at the time, not because they havecrossed the line of no return.

Be informed of the terminology so you can help protect bears

If a bear enters a structure, we need to ensure the structure and others such as chicken coops, are electric fenced, or we need to make a few e-Mats well placed to teach the bear where they are not allowed to go. We need to address the incident in a functional way and quit with the inflammatory wording that inaccurately describes an event.
The COS has unreal expectations on bears in the use of their MATRIX. This unsupported document is unfair and stock full of a lack of knowledge on bear behaviours. 
Sending bears away from areas their presence is not wanted, is usually not difficult and people need to learn how to do this from a safe place. Community led groups such as the North Shore Black Bear Society will come by and help with education where they can. 
Learn about bear behaviour
1. If a bear has eaten garbage, it doesn’t mean they will always be looking for garbage. It was convenient at that time, so they used it as a food source. They would access natural foods again if left to their own or if the garbage was removed or inaccessible. Also, eating garbage does not make them dangerous. Entering a human community and then guarding a food source from humans in our community is uncharacteristic of bears, despite what people have been told. From a safe place, tell the bear to leave the area, and most will do just that.
2. Bears are naturally comfortable with people. They are simply born that way. They are not naturally fearful, we make them such and it is a dangerous strategy to create fear in bears. Late bear man Charlie Russell asked the question of ”why it is that people are only comfortable if bears are running from us?’’. Clearly our fears proceed a bears. This is a problem, as it creates a lack of trust with those we share the land with. False premises create our lack of trust. Our lack of trust is why bears are being killed.
Terminology that Justifies Killing Bears3. SAFETY. Remember bears, both grizzly and black throughout BC, are in our communities for safety. These four dead bears were in the communities because they felt safe there. Mom may look to ensure safety for her offspring under the shade of the parks trees, or tucked under a shed. She knows and has been taught by her mom that they are safe and in these human areas, they will avoid the danger of larger male bears from outside the community. Why is it we think it is all about food? It is not. The vulnerable population (old, young mom and cubs, and injured) of bears are in human communities for protection and safety first and foremost, and food is always going to be there no matter how hard we try because we are humans. When these animals feel safe to leave, they leave.
Perhaps one day we will say to these bears on their way out …thank you for your trust bear family…glad you’re safe.
Too late for this family of bears.
Lastly I would like to ask why the cubs were not rehabbed? Again, no understanding or respect was offered to this family, just a death sentence for being a young and trusting family.
Don’t fall for the Terminology that Justifies Killing Bears. Keep your eyes and your ears open and ask questions. We need to speak up with our hearts. Change is now…”
Ellie Lamb
Original Article – It contains Upsetting Content

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