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Jim Shockey’s Museum is One Man’s Trophy Collection

Jim Shockey’s Museum is One Man’s Trophy Collection

Jim Shockey’s Museum is One Man’s Trophy Collection Jim Shockey’s Hand of Man Museum in Maple Bay B.C. is nothing but one man’s trophy collection. In B.C. 80% of the population opposes trophy hunting.

Who Is Jim Shockey?

Jim Shockey owns two guide outfitting companies in B.C. and Yukon. He hosts tv hunting series and has authored books on hunting. He also holds the record for killing the most wildlife species: three hundred and sixty seven.

From Wikipedia ‘His hunting adventures have spanned six continents and 50 countries.[5] Shockey has been called by Outdoor Life magazine “the most accomplished big-game hunter of the modern era, having taken arguably the most free-range big game species by any living hunter.” They also noted that he is “the most influential celebrity in big-game hunting.”

In a world where man’s consciousness is realizing that trophy hunting is one of the contributors to the biodiversity crisis, we don’t need to support and promote one man’s devastation toward nature.

Such a display of pillaging of nature’s wild should be condemned not promoted in any way.

Following are quotes from reviews posted on Trip Advisor since Hand of Man Museum opened in 2019.

July 2022 “Way too much taxidermy in this museum! The suggested donation is $20 which is overpriced…… I’m a bit worried the money collected might help fund trophy hunting in Africa of endangered species“ July 2022

March 2022 “The building should be torn down and the artifacts returned. Not my style – don’t care for trophy hunting and this was an exhibition to show his conquests. Not a legitimate museum IMHO,”

November 2021 “Disappointed. Very little or, in most cases, no information about each exhibit. A jumbled collection of stuff accumulated by a guy on his big game hunting trips. Too many stuffed and dead animals. Lots of indigenous objects from around the world which arguably should be returned to the traditional owners who fully appreciate what they are and their significance.”

Sept 2021 “Just stay clear of the trophy hunting rooms unless you dig killing animals for the ego. We were kind of enjoying ourselves until we got to the photographic brag wall displaying Mr. Shockey with different people and animals from around the world. When you get to the trophy rooms you will come to see that there is nary an animal that Mr. Shockey has not shot and had stuffed. Even a very rare albino bush buck that was shot to save it from developing cancer in the hot African sun. Indeed, Mr. Shockey flogs the idea that big game hunting is the best way to protect rare and endangered species. If only he had left out the brag wall, trophy rooms, and all the rubbish about shooting animals for conservation, I could have written a more flattering review.”

January 2020 “The suggested donation of $20 per adult was way too much to simply look at a bunch of unlabelled stuff that is haphazardly displayed, in my opinion. The place honestly feels like it is just a tax write-off for a rich guy who has a hoarding problem…..And I don’t need to see Shockey’s face in every other photo”

September 2019 “If you are into non-sustenance hunting displays, this will be right up your alley…..We saw no signs or information about any philanthropic work done to support the countries visited by the owner of this collection…. big money for big game hunting is implied, of course. I left feeling confused and conflicted and likely will not return.”

October 2019 

“ it ( collection) devolves into a display of creatures that have been killed (seemingly) for sport. Interesting to see, but no backstory except for some of the numbered displays and left us asking “why would any one person take the lives of all of these beautiful creatures. Why are they here?… Currently, it presents as one man’s trophy collection.”

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