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U.S. Grizzly Trophy Hunter Accidentially Shot by Guide after Wounded Bear Rears Up!

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    Photo Credit: Conrad Olson

    Bears Matter Note: Here is one brief report in media of an incident  that took place on May 26, 2014.  More details and media attention around this tragedy will follow but Bears Matter and our supporters sincerely hope that this case may bring some ‘sober’ second thought and a rethink by the B.C. government on their recent expansion and continuation of this archaic and senseless ‘recreation’ in BC’s wilderness…… In 2014 ecotourism, ethics and humane treatment of animals should be the drivers to conserve grizzly bears and their habitat in BC, not killing (and wounding) unsuspecting animals for their skull and a photo op!
    Here’s the short version of a story with few witnesses in a remote area of BC.:

    American hunter shot dead while on a guided bear hunt  (Bears Matter note: Trophy Grizzly Hunt) in northwestern B.C. earlier this week has been identified by his wife as Jeff Cooper of Toutle, Wash, a small town about 200 kilometres south of Seattle.

    A story in Washington’s Daily News Online says Cooper had shot and wounded a grizzly bear the day before and was tracking it down the following morning when it charged his hunting party. Cooper’s two guides fired, according to the report, and Cooper, who was standing in front of one of them, was struck and killed.

    RCMP in B.C. are still investigating and won’t say whether they believe the shooting was accidental or suspicious.

    Cpl. Dave Tyreman did confirm that a 59-year-old Washington state man was shot Tuesday afternoon while hunting in the Tahtsa Reach Forest Service area about 110 kilometres south of Houston, B.C.

    “Basically it’s too early in the investigation.”

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1 thought on “U.S. Grizzly Trophy Hunter Accidentially Shot by Guide after Wounded Bear Rears Up!”

  1. Condolences to The Family !! It’s truly a sad story and hearts go out to the Guides involved!! One more Good Grizzly though is the only part of this whole tragedy that has a hint of good light on it!!!

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