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Pacific Wild Campaign to Save B.C. Wolves

Pacific Wild Campaign to Save B.C. Wolves

The Call: Save B.C. Wolves

Pacific Wild Campaign to Save B.C. Wolves The Call: Save B.C. Wolves has taken a necessary step. Pacific Wild is taking the B.C. government to court.

THE GOVERNMENT HAS is specifically a bear consulting association, and we are proud to support established associations like Pacific Wild. Pacific Wild is the leading voice for Wildlife Conservation in the Great Bear Rainforest and beyond.  We are covered under their mandateand Pacific Wild is committed to protect all species and their environment.

As a consulting association we like to provide all the available information to our followers so they  can assess which one of their values are represented in this cause and to which extend they want to be involved.

We prefer to post articles and information directly from the source, this way our followers receive first hand news. We understand there are only 24 hours in a day, and that there are only so much funds we can donate to worthy causes and we like to remind everyone that there is power in numbers, so any support you are willing to offer is priceless.


Pacific Wild Campaign to Save B.C. Wolves – The Call: Save B.C. Wolves

Pacific Wild has created the site The Call: Save B.C. Wolves to introduce this topic in details and bring us up to speed about what their strategy. They are also asking us to sign up to the site to be immediately informed of updates.

Make sure you fill in the Request to Join

As protectors of species and conservationists, we ask to do your researches and join this cause because everything is connected in nature, so when you tamper with species, like killing the wolves, everything else gets out of balance.

Pacific Wild Campaign to Save B.C. Wolves
Image Pacific Wild

Pacific Wild has been at the forefront of wolf conservation in British Columbia
working with our legal partners, communication specialists and, most importantly,
mobilizing a vast and dedicated following of wolf supporters like yourself.”

Support Pacific Wild by following them on Social Media and re-posting their posts. Always add the hashtag #savebcwolves to your posts on Social Media.

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