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GlobalBCTV Link & Open Letter to Minister Donaldson To End Three Wildlife Killing Contests NOW! Cash for Dead:Wolves, Coyotes, Cougars and Racoons

Watch Short GlobalBcTv by reporter        Paul Johnson

This Open Letter from 54 (65 April 1) Wildlife Protection Indiv’s and Groups asking BC Govt to  End the Bloody Wildlife Killing Contests that are underway at this time! Please read Our Open Letter and  then Email ( see addresses below) to your government representatives to STOP THIS UNETHICAL, UNSCIENTIFIC SLAUGHTER OF WILDLIFE! Competitive hunting contests spreading across the USA, we can NOT let it take hold here in BC! Please share this letter and the information on the three current contests/bounty programs… also write letters to your newspapers and post info on soc media.

Help Shut these abhorrent killing contests DOWN forever!  Sincerely, Barb Murray, Bears Matter

#EndKillingContests #WolvesMatter #CougarsMatter #CoyotesMatter #RacoonsMatter #wildlifematters

Third Contest/Bounty for Wolves: Taken from the Nelson District Rod and Gun Club Newsletter Februar ’19

This winter the West Kootenay Outdoorsmen is offering $500 for each West Kootenay wolf hunted or trapped by a club member. After compulsory inspection, contact Richard at 250-352-5609 for your cheque! Note: you get to keep the pelt, which is worth up to $200.” West Kootenay Outdoorsmen

Governmemt Response late Sunday March 10, 2019 before GlobalBCTV airs story at 6pm!

Response: Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development:

*   “The Ministry does not condone or encourage these types of events.
*   There are currently no rules preventing these types of “contests” providing the hunters are properly licensed and all laws are followed.
*   The government last used a bounty on wolves in 1955.
*   The province  manages wildlife populations on the principle of conservation first, followed by First Nations’ rights. Only then is licensed hunting allowed.
*   Wolf populations are healthy and self-sustaining throughout the province.”

Letter w email addresses:

[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; ‘ENV ENV:EX Minister’ <[email protected]>; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected][email protected]


Dear Honourable Minister Donaldson,

We, the undersigned coalition of 54 (65 Updated April 1, 2019) environmental and animal welfare organizations, conservationists and wildlife-based businesses respectfully ask that the government of British Columbia URGENTLY end all current ‘wildlife killing’ contests and modernize regulations to prohibit such ‘contests’ from being held in future.

Our coalition recently learned of three ‘wildlife killing’ contests.  The ‘Predator Tournament’ organized by the Creston Valley Rod and Gun Club runs from March 16 to the 24th, 2019 and Chilcotin Gun Store in Williams Lake advertizes the ‘Wolf-Whacking’ contest that began Dec 1, 2018 and runs until March 31, 2019. Also, there is a ‘bounty of $500 being offered to members of The West Kootenay Outdoorsmen for each wolf killed. Club members can keep the pelts which are stated to be worth as much as $200 each. (see attached Ads)

Is it this government’s intention to allow these wildlife killing contests to proceed while most B.C. residents and visitors are sickened by such senseless killing as evidenced by the overwhelming support to ban the grizzly bear trophy hunt and the mounting opposition to B.C.’s wolf culls?

It is outrageous enough that the province sponsors cruel and senseless wolf culls, costing approximately $2M and conducted by sharp shooters out of helicopters, and allows unlimited wolf hunting/trapping under the guise of “saving endangered caribou and bighorn sheep.”  But to allow or ignore these ‘bloodlust’ contests’ that rank alongside illegal and barbaric dog and cock fighting, goes beyond the pale.

Our Coalition against ‘Wildlife Killing Contests’ urges the government of British Columbia to immediately put a STOP to these ‘killing contests’ and modernize hunting regulations to make such abhorrent contests illegal in the future.

We look forward to a timely response to our coalition’s concerns as the lives of British Columbia’s wildlife are at stake!


The Undersigned – 54 Signatories, Updated April 1, 2019  65 Signatories – see below

  1. Animal Alliance of Canada – Liz White
  2. Animal Justice – Camille Labchuk
  3. Animal Protection Party of Canada  Liz White
  4. Animals Advocates Society of B.C. Judy Stone
  5. Animals Asia – Dr. Jill Robinson
  6. BC Nature – Dr. Alan Burger
  7. BC SPCA – Dr. Sara Dubois
  8. Bears Matter – Barbara Murray
  9. Born Free Cdn Office Barry Kent MacKay
  10. Canadians for Furbearers Ainslie Willock
  11. Clayoquot Action SocietyBonny Glambeck
  12. Coyote Watch Canada Lesley Sampson
  13. DeerSafe – Kelly Carson
  14. Eastern Coyote/Coywolf Research USA Jon G. Way
  15. Evelyn Kirkaldy Artist, Bear Smart Educator
  16. Exposed with John E. Marriott
  17. Friends of the Lardeau River Jim Lawrence
  18. Get Bear Smart Society – Sylvia Dolsen
  19. Gosia Bryja – Environmental Scientist
  20. Great Bear Chalet – Jefferson Bray
  21. Grizzly Girls – Margaret McCullough
  22. Hope Mountain Black Bear Committee Lydia Koot
  23. Humane Society International/Canada  Julie MacInnes
  24. International Animal Rescue Alan Knight
  25. Justice for BC Grizzlies – Val Murray
  26. Kerulos Centre for Nonviolence Dr. Gay Bradshaw
  27. Kootenay Reflections Photography  Jim Lawrence
  28. Lifeforce Foundation – Peter Hamilton
  29. Nature Photography by Martin Ryer
  30. National Wolfwatcher Coalition USA Nancy Warren
  31. North Shore Black Bear Society Christine Miller
  32. Ocean Adventures Charter Co Ltd.  Eric & Trish Boyum
  33. Ocean Light II Adventures Ltd Jenn Broo
  34. Pacific Rainforest Adventure Tours Inc  Ronda and Gary Murdock
  35. Pacific Wild – Ian McAllister
  36. Paul C. Paquet – Biologist
  37. Project Coyote – Camilla Fox
  38. Reno Sommerhalder – Bear Specialist
  39. Robert Bateman – Artist
  40. Ross Peterson – Biologist, retired
  41. Sierra Club BC – Jen Wieting
  42. Spirit Bear Lodge – John Czornobaj
  43. Stephen Williamson Photography
  44. Susan Musgrove- BC Poet
  45. The Furbearers – Lesley Fox
  46. Tourists Against Trophy Hunting  Judy Malone
  47. Valhalla Wilderness Society Anne Sherrod
  48. Vancouver Humane Society Emily Pickett
  49. Wayne McCrory – R.P. Bio
  50. Wilderness Committee Joe Foy/Charlotte Dawe
  51. Wildlife Defence League Tommy Knowles
  52. Winton Bear Foundation UK Lesley Winton
  53. Wolf Awareness Inc – Sadie Parr
  54. Zoocheck Canada – Julie Woodyer    * Signatories below 54 signed on after Mar 10, 2019
  55. Vicky Husband, Order of Canada, Order of B.C.*
  56. Arrowsmith Naturalists – Sally Soanes
  57. Lush Cosmetics Co., – Tricia Stevens
  58. Ellie Lamb – Artist, Wildlife Guide & Educator,
  59. Applied Conservation GIS – Baden Cross
  60. Advocating for Animal Welfare and the Environment – Carol Tracey
  61. Cochrane Ecological Institute – Lisa Dahlseide Conservation Biologist
  62. Amber Peters – Biologist
  63. Stop Animal Brutality- Kelly Ready
  64. Pacific Yellowfin Tours- Nik Coutinho
  65. Leadnow Canada – Chloe Lawson/Jolan Bailey



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