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To Premier, Trophy Killing of Grizzlies begins again in B.C.,An inhumane & barbaric killing for the fun of it!



BearsForever Photo taken in Great Bear Rainforest of Head of Five Year Old 'Cheeky', a eco-viewed juvenile grizzly
BearsForever Photo taken in Great Bear Rainforest

On Apr 1, 2016, at 11:45 AM,

From: Bears Matter
Sent: ‎Friday‎, ‎April‎ ‎01‎, ‎2016 ‎10‎:‎33‎ ‎AM
To: [email protected]

Dear Premier Clark,

Open Letter:

Today is the day that you and your government allow trophy hunters, both resident and non-resident, to stalk, wound, orphan and kill grizzlies and black bears just out of hibernation. Some of these bears will be male, at least 30% will be female and of those females some will be mother’s with tiny cubs who they will hide at the first whiff of trouble.

Premier Clark, you and your government are solely responsible for the killings, wounding and orphaning of our unsuspecting, innocent, majestic grizzlies found in their natural habitat. They will be eating sedge grasses, shell fish, shoots and roots etc. as they try and regain the 40% of their weight lost from their long winter’s sleep. Most of the trophy hunters won’t even bother with the fur this time of year but will just take the bear’s head and paws and of course take that all important selfie!

The ”Super Natural B.C.” I know and love has NO place for Trophy killing of sentient beings such as bears! This sport or hobby by a few is a travesty, an international embarrassment, a social injustice and of course it is just simply inhumane.

I will never understand why you and your government have continued to promote and expand trophy killing, especially of bears. Can you not feel compassion for these sentient beings? They raise young and feel what we feel…they feel fear, pain, stress and of course joy! Let bears be bears in their natural habitat and continue to build a responsible and respectful ecotourism industry around them…but STOP Killing them for fun of it, for goodness sake!

Premier Clark, you and you alone can stop this senseless slaughter in our wild places with a swipe of your pen! Please do this before the August 15th opening when the killing spree is to start again and on an expanded basis. You and your government have an opportunity to institute a ‘Compassionate Conservation’ model across B.C. and make the whole province a Grizzly Bear Sanctuary – a gift to all British Columbians and to the world! How amazing would that be!? What a legacy to be remembered for forever and ever!

Please restore April 1st to the Day of Fools again in B.C. not the day we awake and dread the first day the fools begin their killing of our iconic grizzlies bears for the fun of it!

Sincerely yours,

Barbara Murray

Nanoose Bay, B.C.

cc Liberal MLA’s



25 thoughts on “To Premier, Trophy Killing of Grizzlies begins again in B.C.,An inhumane & barbaric killing for the fun of it!”

  1. Leave the Bears alone!!!! Let them be. They have every right to exist just like any other life form… Senseless killing for fun, for sport, is INSANE…. And you call yourself Human???? Bears Matter. End this killing of them…. STOP….

  2. Premium Clark

    Sightseeing tourists bring in more money..for what possible reason does killing bears benefit BC?

  3. This inhumane activity has to stop. What sort of message are we sending to our young people – “It’s O.K. to kill innocent animals”? I don’t think so! They learn from their parents and it is time the “adults”!!!! in the families become humane, care about our wonderful world in which we are so fortunate to live in, love the wildlife we are so fortunate to have around us, and take pictures of the animals alive and enjoying life as they so rightly deserve.
    Please do the right thing, stop the trophy hunting of the morons – I’ve got a better idea, let’s have open season on hunters for a change – I’d even buy a license and gun in that case!

  4. It saddens me that BC lets hunter organizations have political access to policy making. This has to do with money exchanging hands, nothing to doing what is morally right. There should be no hunting in 2016!! Premier Christy wake up you are not running a true democracy!!

  5. There isnt much more that I can add to all the comments already being made other than I am so disgusted with the Liberal Government. Obviously, they do not care about the majority of British Columbians . Cruelty to animals is considered a violent pathology and that includes anyone who allows this senseless and barbaric practice to continue. The bears are wonderful animals that should be protected and respected. I hope our first nations people put the pressure on the government as well. Christy Clark brings shame to our province. She is the Stephen Harper of BC. She has got to go!

  6. This hunt is a travesty, an unnecessary and blatant slap in the face and insult to the people of British Columbia. For ‘sport’, the Government of British Columbia, under the stewardship of Premier Christy Clark, is abetting and encouraging the destruction of one of the greatest wild animals in the world.

    There is no economic justification a government can formulate that benefits the direct annihilation of a natural resource that belongs to every citizen of a Province.

    What a disappointment this legacy is. It could have been prevented.

  7. What a terrible indictment on your beautiful country – full of beautiful wildlife, but also with cruel legislation and too many ignorant, cruel people.

  8. I am thoroughly disgusted by our liberal government for allowing this barbaric killing to occur. This letter says it all…what kind of message are we sending our young people by allowing the killing of these beautiful animals!! Kristy Clark, you should be ashamed of yourself. Please reconsider the act of trophy hunting!! We should be using cameras to shoot pictures of these majestic animals….not guns!!

  9. Our government is an embarrassment to the people of this province. The premiere says she ‘listens to the voice of the people’ (isn’t that why she said she changed our liquor laws) so why is she pandering to a tiny minority of hunters who want to kill animals for pleasure? The reason is because these trophy hunters oare backed by a larger group of hunters who are well funded and make significant political contributions to the Liberals. It is disgusting.

  10. We need to share and live more sustainably, killing for “Fun” is a paradox in itself. I will never understand this. Maybe if hunters had a chance to view this wildlife and understand how they survive on this planet, they would feel more compassionate toward these LIVING creatures.

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