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Conservation Officer Vindicated – Bryce Casavant

Bears Matter is over joyed that today Conservation Officer Bryce Casavant was vindicated in court. Bryce is an independent thinker whose priority has always be the wildlife he was hired to protect. Bryce Casavant has brought wildlife’s rights to a new level across Canada. We encourage all to listen to this morning fantastic interview with CFAX-1070 multiple times.

Bryce Casavant conservation officer vindicatedIn Barbs words:

‘Bryce, congratulations for enduring this cause for 5 long years. This outcome is very important-as you know.

This should finally change the dreadful sentence we hear coming from Conservation Officers everywhere, who, while looking straight in the eyes of bear advocates and concerned public say: “ Head office has told me to euthanize” this cub or this bear or cougar or any other wildlife animal.

Let’s spread the word to the media and the public that there is your precedent so everyone knows that the officers make their own decisions and the officer is accountable. No more hiding behind “head office said.

Let’s hope this vindication will dismantle the current militant conservation culture.

Bryce Casavant conservation officer vindicatedThe officers now must think for themselves and make decisions for each animal’s welfare as well as taking local conditions and public values into account.

Thank you thank you thank you! Barb

Bears Matter’s followers profusely thank CFAX-1017 for their interest in this very important story. Great interview!


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