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Commons BCIT Article Sept 13’16 Justice For BC Grizzlies Advocacy Group Pledge & Campaign!

Posted on September 13, 2016 by Aneesa HeatheringtoThe size of a grizzly bear paw print is demonstrated at a Justice for BC Grizzlies press conference. (Paulina Wu/BCIT News)

Justice for BC Grizzlies announced a plan of action to save grizzly bears by raising awareness and making the grizzly hunt an issue in the 2017 election.

Co-founder of Justice for BC Grizzlies, Val Murray, stressed the importance of ending the hunt and the potential economic benefit.

“Keeping bears alive is worth much more to the government and to the people of this province than killing them ever will.”

The advocacy group calls the killings unjust and a threat to the grizzly population structure, as bears are forced further and further north to avoid human interference.
Grizzly bear advocate and Justice for BC Grizzlies spokesperson Charlie Russell is experienced in dealing with bears. (Justice for BC Grizzlies)
Justice for B.C Grizzlies’ spokesperson and grizzly bear advocate Charlie Russell




Murray says that wildlife viewing, in partnership with local communities, can generate more profits for the government than trophy hunting.

Justice for BC Grizzlies is asking BC voters to keep the grizzly hunt high on the political radar leading up to the May 9th, 2017 provincial election and pledge to spread the word.



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