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Bears Matter Fundraiser Closes after 10 Years!

Dear Readers,

Bears Matter closes its fundraiser after 10 years and more than $70K raised for bears! The Bears Matter Fundraiser was hosted by the Country Club Centre in Nanaimo for the last eight years. Of course Bears Matter will continue to support bears behind the scenes and help with various campaigns and fundraising goals of individual grassroots organizations.

A Gigantic “Thank you and Bear Hug” to all who supported this fundraiser, both on the North Shore and in Nanaimo! A Special Shout-out goes to Dave Mills and staff at Country Club Centre, my dear friend Christine Mc and of course to Bears Matter’s ‘Bear Angel’ Karen McKee and the Warm Buddy Company of North Vancouver- without these individuals and their respective companies this fundraiser would not have been possible.

Please EVERYONE continue to help bears at home and around the world by purchasing Warm Buddy Co., quality Warm-Up Bears and Bear Paw Mitts to support eight grassroots bear organizations. See more information at http:/

For Vancouver Island residents and visitors there is a selection of Warm Buddy products along with many many other wonderful gift ideas at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre in Errington, BC. Also carrying Warm Buddy products and other beautiful gifts to help bears is Critter Care Wildlife Centre in Langley, BC.  See Resources Section of this website for worthy grassroots bear organizations to support! Remember ALL Bears Matter!

With Gratitude,

Feb 04’16, Thank You to ALL those that Supported this Fundraiser in 2015! We raised $4,500 for Bear Organizations helping Bears! 

Save A Bear Fundraiser’15, Country Club Centre, Nanaimo by Bears Matter



Come Visit Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut at Country Club Centre: #29 – 3200 Island Highway, North, Nanaimo (Best Buy, Save-On-Foods) to check out all the Warm Buddy Gift Ideas and delight in the sight and tastes of deluxe, hand-made, preservative-free Chocolates! Warm Buddy Price List below….ALL Proceeds from the Sales of WB go to bear charities! Items Tax-Free! Visa,MC and Debit Accepted.

See Descriptions of products at .     Thank you, Barb of Bears Matter

Eight Grassroots Organizations Helped by 2015 Bears Matter Fundraiser:

1. Animals Asia, 2. Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Society, 3. Spectacled Bear Conservation Society-Peru, 4. SOS India, 5. North Island Wildlife Recovery Society, 6. Critter Care Wildlife Society, 7. Northern Lights Wildlife Society, 8 Pacific Wild (See Links to Organizations on Bears Matter Resource Page)


1 thought on “Bears Matter Fundraiser Closes after 10 Years!”

  1. Hi Barbara – First of all let me say that I so appreciate all your hard work trying to save wildlife. I want to let you know that I picked up a free copy of a magazine called Extraordinary Health last week at Country Grocer on Saltspring Island and was absolutely horrified when I saw a two page article on NHL player David Booth and his wife endorsing Garden of Life health products (he is their Ambassador). In the article it shows a photo of him kissing a grizzly bear yet this loser is a well-known trophy hunter. If you google his trophy hunting website you will see him posing with a grizzly among other wildlife he brutally murdered.
    Here is the scary part – all Garden of Life products are just about in every health food store. Please help me take action on this. There is nothing “healthy” about wildlife killers and what they represent. We have to make sure this gets out to the media and that we boycott the stores who carry these products. Let me know what you think please.

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