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Bears Forever Launch Radio Anti-Trophy Hunting Ads Today!

Message from Bears Forever,News of our trophy hunting ban is about to hit 50 communities all across northern BC. We asked you to help fund a radio blitz so we could talk directly to hunters. Now it’s time to kick this off at a bigger scale than we were planning.Starting Monday, CFNR Radio is ready to put the first two Bears Forever radio ads in heavy rotation. We’ll be on during primetime, 7 times a day for 14 days straight. We picked CFNR, a popular news and classic rock network, because it reaches exactly the areas we need to talk to. When trophy hunters and guide outfitters are loading their boats and staging for bear hunts in Terrace, Smithers, Prince Rupert or Bella Coola, they’ll be hearing from all of us.But we’re not just talking to trophy hunters. We also want to reach the 95% of licensed BC hunters who agree that “you shouldn’t be hunting if you’re not prepared to eat what you kill”(1). Those are our kind of hunters, and we need them and their families on our side.

CFNR’s network includes broadcast towers in places like Telegraph Creek and Anahim Lake, Gitsegukla and Gitwinksihlkw — First Nations communities outside the Great Bear Rainforest, but where people share the same values when it comes to needless killing. We need those families on our side too.

If you or anyone you know lives in any of the 50 communities where they get CFNR, tell them to tune in, starting Monday! We want to spark conversations all over the coast about the difference between real hunters and trophy hunters.

You can preview our radio ads online by clicking here.

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to donate for this action. There will be other ways to help! We appreciate your support and look forward to telling you more good news as this movement grows.


Jessie Housty

On behalf of Megan, Jason, Doug, William, Frank, Jennifer, and the rest of the Coastal First Nations Bear Working Group.
1. New poll shows overwhelming support for First Nations ban on trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest |

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