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Letter Sent to @DestinationBC re: Ad Showcasing Grizzly Bear just before Trophy Hunt Begins

Disgraceful Photo and Practise of Killing Grizzlies for just their heads and photo op!
Bears Matter added: Poster fr BC Guide Outfitters materials in 2013!

Letter copied to Bears Matter and reproduced with permission:

Subject: Super, Natural British Columbia and trophy hunting
Date: March 25, 2016 at 11:14:55 AM PDT
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]

Dear Minister Bond,
I’ve lived and worked in British Columbia all my life and every day am grateful to have been born here. The recently launched Destination B.C. materials showcase our province’s people, the animals, the communities and pristine wild spaces and I think “yes, this is what my home looks like”.

But there is a glaring disconnect between what the material portrays of B.C. wildlife and the continued legal practice of trophy hunting in this province. It’s a serious schism. Killing wild animals for sport or trophy is a violent, disrespectful practice that certainly wouldn’t be included in tourism materials. This highlights a glaring misalignment of attitudes toward our wild species that needs to be remedied.

Trophy hunting does not hold social license with the majority of people who live in B.C. Opposition is gaining traction in the media and in public awareness. Convincing arguments against trophy killing run along economic, ecological, social and ethical lines. I assure you that opposition to trophy killing is not going to go away, but the government can get ahead of it and what better time than at the launch of a revamped showcase for Destination B.C. A bear that is shot can only be viewed once; a bear that is photographed can be viewed over many years, by many people. In every way, all of our wild species are worth far more alive than they are dead.

Someone in government must take action to end the needless suffering of animals who are good enough to advertise but not good enough to protect from trophy hunters’ guns. That person can be you, Ms. Bond.

On April 1st, the Spring hunt opens and trophy hunters will be scouring the woods hoping to “bag” the finest specimens of big game; animals who will suffer excruciating pain upon death, whose genes will be removed from the gene pool and whose loss will weaken the viability of the entire ecosystem of which they are part. All in the name of ego satisfaction for a few trophy hunters.

It is financially smart, ethically right and rationally consistent to ban merciless trophy killing of wildlife. They deserve to live free in their natural habitat, as they appear to do in BC tourism materials.


Victoria, BC

Christy Clark
Bears Matter
Chek 6
Times Colonist


10 thoughts on “Letter Sent to @DestinationBC re: Ad Showcasing Grizzly Bear just before Trophy Hunt Begins”

  1. Well written letter! My sentiments exactly. It’s time our government opened their eyes, their minds and their hearts to understand how wrong trophy hunting in particular, is devastating in so many ways!

    1. Very well said. However most certainly falling on deaf ears.
      Who cares what the majority of Bc and Canadian residents want? Not BC Liberals. Someone close to politics is benefiting from this, plain and simple. Corruption is the only explanation.
      Unfortunately its just another bit of corrupt government practice we all are so used to.
      Someone is getting a free hunting trip and a guide to shoot them a bear. Sickening from start to finish.

  2. Why are we selling innocent lives to trigger-happy killers? We should be proud to still have some wildlife left!
    It is disgusting!
    Would you sell even your mother for the right price?

  3. Every time I hear about B.C.’s grizzly bear kill I cannot believe actual human beings allow this type of practice to happen to such majestic animals who were put on this planet for a purpose and it wasn’t for the greedy who see killing as a money making activity. I too agree that someone or many are benefiting from this and that is why they don’t give a rat’s pituti about what the majority of B.C. residents or Canadians think. Hopefully, someone in government will actually rethink this ugly practice.

  4. We need to collect signatures to attach to the letter and send to the politicians in BC to show support for the bears. This is outrageous and should be outlawed . I suspect most of the hunters are small men. A. L.

  5. Premier Clarke,
    Please start to make the protection of the environment and the wild animals that live there a priority for the BC liberal government. This killing of bears and wolves must stop

    ONLY YOU can make a difference.
    YOUR constituents are providing you with their feedback, please listen.

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