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Action Alert To Stop Killing BC Bears in Spring! 2020 Unacceptable that Approx 5000 bear tags sold!

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article from The Tyee:

Bears Matter Action Alert!    TAKE ACTION to help Bears in BC Please Write: [email protected] – Minister Doug Donaldson ( in charge of the Hunting and Trapping regulations) and [email protected] Minister Adrian Dix ( Public health)

Bears Matter Note-Read Tyee Article. ASK that the govt rescind the ‘essential service’ designation recently given to Hunting! It is NOT an Essential service it is a ‘sport!!!’ Also Bear meat contains trichinosis which can make humans very sick and is a public health concern.

Killing bears is wrong on so many levels!

In BC bear hunters use ATV’s and dogs(many w GPS collars) to chase bears and hunters also kill mother bears leaving behind tiny cubs to die horrible deaths – this sport is cruel, inhumane and has no place in a progressive, compassionate society.

Our BC govt allowed approx 5000 bear tags to be sold this Spring – this was disgusting, shameful and shows that hunters are declaring a full on ‘war’ against our innocent bears just coming out of hibernation. We don’t even know the health of our bear population! No idea!

Many hunters blame bears, wolves and cougars for the lack of deer and moose but hunters slaughtering one species to preserve another species they want to kill is absurd, willfully ignorant and inhumane. Biodiversity needs species to find their own balance – hunters are becoming more and more a liability to nature and our diminishing wildlife! To be clear ‘Hunters are not CONSERVATIONISTS!!!’ ‘Conservationists are conservationists!’

note: article from The Tyee  at beginning of article with information on the government of BC announcing that hunting this Spring (2020) is an essential service.

2 thoughts on “Action Alert To Stop Killing BC Bears in Spring! 2020 Unacceptable that Approx 5000 bear tags sold!”

  1. Im Chief Quetzalcoatl of The Eagle Toltec Nation, Bear Clan. Please help STOP the murder of these beautiful being Guardians of the Mountains

  2. It’s absolutely infuriating to me that some people are careless enough to leave small cubs without a mother just for a trophy. I don’t support the use of dogs in bear hunting either.
    With that said, there are between 120,000 and 160,000 black bears in BC. This number of bears breeds quickly enough to accommodate more than 5000 bear hunters without population decline over time.
    Also 5000 tags sold doesn’t mean 5000 dead bears. Many hunters are unsuccessful in harvesting their animal and others such as myself don’t even try to target a bear. They simply have a tag so that they can legally keep the animal if they are forced to shoot an aggressive bear. I don’t think I’ve ever been more scared in my life than when I was charged by a bear! Thankfully I managed to scare it off with a warning shot but nothing would have gone to waste if I was forced to put that bear down. I’ve have 6 bear tags over the years and I’ve never killed a bear!

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