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Bears Matter in Bear News Top Story: Group wants orphaned grizzly cubs sheltered at the Calgary Zoo released back into the wild

Orphaned Wild Grizzly Cubs

CALGARY — Three grizzly cubs arrived at the Calgary Zoo in early May after Alberta Fish and Wildlife officers discovered them orphaned after their mother was shot in the Crowsnest Pass area.

And now a group of 73 scientists, wildlife conservationists and animal advocates have sent an open letter to the Alberta government, urging it to rehabilitate the five-month-old cubs so they can be released back into the wild.

Lisa Dahlseide is a conservation biologist and the education director at the Cochrane Ecological Institute whose name is included in the letter.

“It’s very impressive to see who has shown support for these three cubs to not get stuck in that zoo situation and too be back in the wild,” said Dahlseide.

“These scientists are recognizing that genetic contribution is so crucial that even those three individuals have such a big part to play.”

Dahlseide says since 2010 grizzly bears are a species listed as prohibited from rehabilitation and release.

“But in B.C., Northern Lights Society does wonderful work, they’ve been rehabbing grizzly bears very successfully,” said Dahlseide. “No post release conflict or issues with any of the bears.”

Dahlseide says there were no rehab facilities in Alberta because of the government restriction. But that’s soon to change, work is underway right now at the Cochrane Ecological Institute to build a 1.6-hectare enclosure separate from the rest of the facility to isolate grizzlies, which is in pristine habitat.

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“These three cubs are not being saved by being in a zoo. This is not a happy ending for wild animals. This is condemning these bears to a life in captivity where they do not belong.”

Bears Matter in Bear News

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Bears Matter in Bear News
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